Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nightshade's Delilah

This particular design was inspired by a mixture of a few gown ideas i had and the general feel of Tim Burton. I adore it and have been wandering around in it since i made it. The skirt itself comes with two attachment points as well as a skirt with or without webbing. The bodice comes as a shirt or jacket and the gloves come with a sculpted ruffle top. The cage skirt idea was to have it look whimsy, dark and broken. As if the bottom loop of the cage was torn away to leave the metal warped and curled. It turned out well. I was surprised that using vine sculpts would actually work so well! I adore the little skull sculpts and have used them on quite a few outfits. They look adorable as little decals on this piece. You can find this outfit in Nightshade's new location here
See below for photos <3