Thursday, August 7, 2008

New!! Batty Boi gothic Men's skin

Newest Skin from Nightshade-Batty Boi gothic men's skin.

Detailed abs-pale skin. four makeup styles located in Nightshade's store. Coming to Slx soon! Located Here

Two more makeup styles coming soon!



†Gothic Midnight Gown†

Newest outfit from Nightshade- the Gothic Midnight Gown. THIS was fun to make for me. Especially the bustle. Prim bustle with lace layers, lace fishnet stockings, non-prim skirt with glitch pants *for those nasty little glitches were your skin shows through the skirt!* gloves and strap, shaded top with shine for more detail! Gothic Midnight Gown located here for purchase!!

First Blog!!!!

Hello Everyone! This is the first blog for Nightshade Designs! A few big things are coming up! Within the month i plan on opening my FIRST main store! A large store located in hawks landing. It's so exciting for me since this is my first and i've been working and clawing my way up since the first day i started SL! Also! I am coming out with a men's clothing line in the gothic/vampyre/neko grunge area so keep your eyes open for updates on that.

More to come soon!