Monday, December 6, 2010

Hemlock-A Twisted Krissmuss

One of the items i have out for the Twisted Krissmuss this year is a men's skin with a pale tone. Hemlock comes with twelve makeup options, is transferable for gifting and is priced for only 100L$!
My newest men's skins and quite sexy if i do say so myself. Check the photo below or visit us inworld for demos
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Men!

Sylvan-Just for the men!

Gothic Shaded Tanks for the men only from Nightshade!

Nightshade Main Store

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Twisted Time!

OK! So... starting ooooon the first of September we will all be diving into a rather "Twisted" Event. Yes! It's the Twisted Hunt again! We have SO many stores in the hunt this time and Nightshade is number six on the list! :D I will be providing an awesome twisted gift as well as special Twisted releases and prices on said releases! Don't miss out. Strap up dem boots and grab yer coffee. Come Sept. 1st it's go time!
Keep in mind Nightshade is on a homestead * I cannot afford a full sim yet* So if you cannot TP in just wait and try again.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Updates and teasers!

I've been working on a few more things. More men's skins as well as women's. I've found that doing one makeup style with different skin tones is easier for me. It seems less complicated but can still be fun and challenging. So I'll post a few photos of "Damien" and "Wednesday".

Damien - A men's gothic skin with six skin tones available - from Ghost *gothic white* to Hero *a dark and sleek tan*


This women's skin also comes in six skin tones *Undead featured above* From ghost to Heroine. The left is "Shadows" and the right is "Victoria"

More makeup styles coming soon, including a few brighter makeup styles.

Nightshade will be participatig in several hunts as well as a special release day for the Silent Lion Troupe! Come the 21st Nightshade will have a special release for 75L$ for that day only! A gorgeous little piece called "Isabella" ...see below for a sneak photo and be sure to stop by on the 21st!

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Bella <3

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nightshade's Delilah

This particular design was inspired by a mixture of a few gown ideas i had and the general feel of Tim Burton. I adore it and have been wandering around in it since i made it. The skirt itself comes with two attachment points as well as a skirt with or without webbing. The bodice comes as a shirt or jacket and the gloves come with a sculpted ruffle top. The cage skirt idea was to have it look whimsy, dark and broken. As if the bottom loop of the cage was torn away to leave the metal warped and curled. It turned out well. I was surprised that using vine sculpts would actually work so well! I adore the little skull sculpts and have used them on quite a few outfits. They look adorable as little decals on this piece. You can find this outfit in Nightshade's new location here
See below for photos <3


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow... I haven't done this in a while :>

Updates are needed! I've been working on quite a few thing lately. Men's and women's skins, shoes and hair!

"Bound" - Three Colors of this particular outfit. Multiple layers as well.

New Lillith and Lillith II Skins - Pale and Drow tones with eight makeup styles. 600L$ in Nightshade's Skin section! I don't usually wear drow type skins but i had someone request it so there you go!

We also have a couple new shoes in the shop, as well as a new hair style. See below for photos. I swear i will make this more organized when i have time :P

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Updates from Nightshade Designs

Hello everyone! I've been hiding in photoshop for a while. I am working on some Alice in Wonderland costumes per request. I had a few people ask for a couple so i decided to try and do a decent amount of them. The Queen of Hearts is almost done, and i am fiddling with the White Rabbit right now. Don't worry. I plan to do Alice and the Mad Hatter too ;) All of them will have that touch of Nightshade so keep your eyes peeled.

All of our skins that are currently older than about two months are still 50L$- Perfect for a low budget somebody who wants a decent skin without emptying your account!

Go here to find all of them, for both men and women!



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updates - 50L$ Skins and New RP Skins for Bloodlines

Inspired by the generic image i see in my head when i think of "Vampire Mistress" or "Vampire Queen"

Demo available inworld-Two skin types sold together-Busty and Normal. Unshaven private area comes as underpants option for all new skins as of Dec. 2009.

Eternity Rights
Mystical-The Seer of the Underworld
Mistress of the dark..she feeds on the souls of the undead.

Demo available inworld-Two skin types sold together-Busty and Normal. Unshaven private area comes as underpants option for all new skins as of Dec. 2009.


Under the moonlight she writhes...her slender form returning as her body arches... her fingers digging into the dirt as her silken skin begins to shine in the dark...

Demo available inworld-Two skin types sold together-Busty and Normal. Unshaven private area comes as underpants option for all new skins as of Dec. 2009.

800L$ - Copy
Full detail and seamless skins from Nightshade Designs

P.S. - All older skins from NS are now set to 50L$- Men's and women's alike! All skins that are 50L$ are on the wall opposite the "Bella" skins - Huge selection. Take a peek, if you wish!