Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Updates :D

Hello My Deadly little VIPs

This week i bring you two new outfits and updates on current projects.
I am delving more into Prim work, Jewelry, shoes and accessories *Purses, dolls, rings, earrings* So I've got plenty im finishing up. Along with Halloween Decos-A couple costume ideas and more.
Halloween town is nearly complete, and we already have three vendors getting ready to set up in the town.

Rent is 80L a week for 20 prims.
Prim allowance negotiable


First- Loli Dolli
This was inspired by three or four outfits i saw online. Put together in my insomniatic state. Three Prim skirts (In red, purple and grey)
Lace trim around the top of the skirt and netting beneath. The stockings are dark pinstripe with lace garter around the left thigh, Simple Heels with grey striped bows. Corset layer *jacket*, transparent lace gloves and skirt pants with lace trip. Elegant, sweet and just a little naughty.

And second, also Last but not least- A trick or Treat barrel. Old, rustic barrel with green slime around the edges, black candles with flame script, sculpted pumpkins and cobwebs for affect. Clicky for Treatsies!

Carpe Noctem

~Nightshade Designs~