Thursday, February 17, 2011

Commission Art from Nightshade

I have noticed that recently I am not quite as excited about creating in SL as I used to be.. I have been taking a lot of commission art work lately. I have really enjoyed this as art was my original preference. I am working to complete SL commissions but would like to spread the word about my own art to the small few who watch this blog.

I work as a freelance artist and hope to, at some point, make a respectable career out of this.
I do human, anthro, furry, demon and unique character art for all of your desires or anything you can imagine.

[Commission Info]:

Basic Sketches START at 5$ USD
Line Drawings START at 10$ USD
Flat Colorings START at 20$ USD
Shaded Colorings START at 25$
2$ per extra character -
7$ for a full colored character badge.

--NOTE-- I accept Second Life $L as well if you wish for me to draw your avatar. ONE COMMISSION SLOT OPEN!

Slot 1: kibatheloanwolf Line art in progress
Slot 2: sasa0mg - completed one of two
Slot 3: epitaph - sketch in progress
Slot 4: batcountry Sketch in progress
Slot 5: jasirilion - sketch in progress
Slot 6: darkartistraven - sketch in progress
Slot 7: drakedark - Sketch in Progress
Slot 8: Open


Trade Slots Open - Two

-Second Life Pricing for avatar mods and clothing-

Commissioned Furry Avatars - Skin Only - L$5000
Commissioned Furry Avatars - Full Modification - L$10000 starting price
Commissioned Furry Avatars - Body Part Retextures ONLY - L$2000 - L$3000 - depending on the prims and how many you want done.
High quality, detail, fitting what YOU desire and offering quality shading for your unique fursona. This includes prims, textures, resizing and more and come complete with PG and Mature skins.

[NOTE]--I will not do commissions regarding sexual acts involving me unless you and I are are very close. Do not ask to draw me with another, or my boyfriend with another. It is not something i am comfortable with and will not do. I am adult and am OK with adult themes to an extent. If i do not know you and you want an incredibly graphic drawing i probably will not do it. If i know you well enough to feel comfortable with this then i will, but keep in mind that i do not do age play or scat. If you have a curiosity about a particular theme then just PM me and i will answer. I am pretty open about most things.
Rates depend on the requested item.I accept both Paypal and Second Life L$ as payment! ;-) All funds go towards a starving and morbidly Gothic artist.
All commissions will be done to your satisfaction and usually have a soft touch of Gothic and elegance. It is my art style and something i cannot change. :) I am open for all styles as it does spice up my collection and add variety.

IM Belladonna Mureaux for more Info


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Witching Hour Skin Set - AVentity Anubis Modification Kit - Only at Nightshade

Gorgeous new skins from Nightshade. Twelve makeup options, full body shading, four skin tones with more coming soon. One of each is set to 99L so come find them while you can!


Also new to Nightshade - The Anubis/Anput mod kit for for the AVentity Doberman avatar. This kit comes with textures for modding the avatar, prims, piercings, male and female skins - mature and PG as well as a clothing layer! All prim attachments as well as Anput's clothing are tintable for your desired look and the piercings/armor can be bought separately if that's all you want! Available At C.H.I.M.E.R.A And at the MAIN STORE