Monday, November 3, 2008

This made me grin from ear to ear

I wanted to post this item review. It put a very Big Smile on my face.

"I give this a good 5 stars mainly because I can not give a 4.5. This skin/shape is near perfect!! However I found the shape to be a tad off for Emilie. This can be easily fixed for you nitpickers though as they have made the shape copy/mod for all your customizing needs. All-in-all I am highly impressed with this skin. I've been hoping for an Emilie skin for quite some time..and here it is in EXCELLENT quality. The skin is just fantastic, detail down to her ribs. You can't find a cheaper skin/shape deal for this quality I assure you." ~Ophelia Ansome


Homg Insomnia

Once again i find myself not sleeping. I really need to stop doing this before i go insane xD

I have a few New things this week.

Three Types of Tattoos

Ribboned-Corset Tattoo

Heart Take Flight Tattoo

And the Starz Tattoo

Also New to Nightshade is a Set of Six Heels from the Attitude Line.


I am currently working on a tank top set with low rise pants and a few other things. Slippers are new in the store as well but hell if Im putting up even more pictures lol.

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