Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nightshade and Heart and Sole presents-Lolita Ruff-Deadly

Remember that fascinatingly wicked little girl your mother wouldn't let you play with? She's back, and she's all grown up.

Meet Lolita Ruff-Deadly, the ever-so-naughty collaboration between Heart & Sole and Nightshade. She started out sweet, but she took a wrong turn somewhere. Classy heeled pumps and black lace ankle socks topped by a frilly ruff, with all traces of innocence chased away by the slightly sinister charms peering through the lace. In six savage shades for every sort of mischief you can imagine, and a few you can't...yet.

Be the girl who comes with a warning label. Lolita Ruff-Deadly, only available at Heart & Sole and Nightshade.

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