Sunday, July 18, 2010

Updates and teasers!

I've been working on a few more things. More men's skins as well as women's. I've found that doing one makeup style with different skin tones is easier for me. It seems less complicated but can still be fun and challenging. So I'll post a few photos of "Damien" and "Wednesday".

Damien - A men's gothic skin with six skin tones available - from Ghost *gothic white* to Hero *a dark and sleek tan*


This women's skin also comes in six skin tones *Undead featured above* From ghost to Heroine. The left is "Shadows" and the right is "Victoria"

More makeup styles coming soon, including a few brighter makeup styles.

Nightshade will be participatig in several hunts as well as a special release day for the Silent Lion Troupe! Come the 21st Nightshade will have a special release for 75L$ for that day only! A gorgeous little piece called "Isabella" ...see below for a sneak photo and be sure to stop by on the 21st!

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Bella <3