Saturday, October 25, 2008

New from Nightshade

**New Items from Nightshade**

**Thank God I'm Pretty**

I recently Created an Emilie Autumn Dress that comes with heels and stockings and such.
SO Here is the skin. Limited Sales on this Item since i haven't found an Emilie Autumn Skin in Second Life yet.
Detailed body with Dark coal black polish on the finger nails and toe nails. Emilie Autumn Signature makeup. Its gorgeous, and goes very well with the matching Outfit. Demo Also Available Here ->

<33>> Here->

Also on the list of New Items. We have a pair of Beautiful Gothic Victorian Heels. Inspired by Victorian Style, mixed in with Gothic Style. Patent Leather Texture, detailed sculpted knot, laced up Victorian Heels. Copy/Mod.

Located Inworld Here -->